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We offer our clients a wide range of services with great care and attention provided by experienced professionals. 

Learning & development

Learning & development

Be successful in your personal life and career by learning about yourself and developing your skills and competences.       



We specialise on self-employed accountancy. If you are planning or running your own business, we are here to help you to manage your business and self-assessment. 

Linguistic services

Linguistic services

We offer fast and accurate English-Hungarian / Hungarian-English official and certified translation and proofreading services in several areas.


We help individuals and small businesses to create an effective Learning & Development strategy that aims to develop individual's and workforce's capabilities, skills and competences by which they become successful. The role of a learning and development strategy in providing a vision which supports change management, enhances employee engagement and helps to drive high level of performance.

Vision → Plan → Action → Success


How to be a successful Self-Employed?

There are no courses teaching how to be a self-employed. Pleople just do it and learn the lesson through experience which is sometimes painful and costly. To avoid it, we help you to develop business competences which are skills essential for small-business owners to manage tasks of establishing and maintaining their business efficiently.

Develop your skills

We offer various learning events to develop your skills and competences.